Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some news, and a break

Hello, faithful readers.

I'm going to be taking an extended blogging break - probably 4-6 weeks - and then I will be back with an announcement and a renewed commitment to my blogs. Until then, here are a couple headlines that have popped up recently:

An Arkansas court of appeals says that shackling prisoners during labor is not unconstitutional.

After a six-year absence, nurse-midwives are returning to Austin hospitals.

Midwife-signed birth certificates along the Texas-Mexico border questioned.

If you haven't heard, the AMA has joined ACOG in opposing homebirths. For more on this flap, check out these responses from ICAN, MANA (pdf), Citizens for Midwifery, and Ricki Lake, Jennifer Block & Abby Epstein on the HuffintonPost. Feel free to leave a link to your favorite blog post in the comments.