Monday, July 28, 2003


Recently I was watching Frontier House. It is PBS's version of reality t.v., quite good. Three families agree to live on the Montana frontier as if they are 1883 homesteaders. One of the interesting things I noticed about the show is that all the women are running around in their chemises and skirts - apparently modern standards of modesty still apply.

But the show got me thinking. There are some people who have the romantic notion that they belong to “a different era”, that they were born in the wrong time period. Maybe they were Joan of Arc or King George in a past life (how come no one ever claims to have been Jack the Ripper or Hitler?). Never mind that “the good old days” weren’t always so good, or “a simpler time” wasn’t necessarily so simple. But I believe that we were all born in this era, in this generation, to fulfill a God-given purpose that could only have been fulfilled now, and is desperately needed in our time, and our time alone. So if you love to run around dressed up like a Civil War soldier or a knight in shining armor like those SCA folks, give a hard think about why. What values do you admire from that bygone era that are needed today by our society? What does our culture lack that it is searching for in a fantasy world?

I have come to realize more and more that I need computers, especially the Internet, to help me fulfill my purpose. I don't think I could do research nearly as effectively sitting in a library (and not with 2 little ones, either) as I can online. I was made for this age.

More on Purpose in future postings…

Thursday, July 24, 2003


Yahoo!Health/AP reports Part of Newborn's Toe Cut Off in Hospital while a hospital employee was removing a security tag.

The head of the pediatrics department is quoted as saying, "Clearly we are as bothered as the family is. We all feel terrible for the family and feel terrible for the child."

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