Saturday, April 16, 2005

Notes on Healthy Immunization

TulipGirl has a great post on healthy immunization. More than once I have been witness to on-line discussions where someone asked about delayed vaccination schedules and got no help but only "why do you feel you need to vax?" questions. Mind you, we haven't vaxed yet and probably won't (as you might have guessed from reading my posts here and here and here); but the principle thing is true informed consent. Parents alone (not doctors, hospitals, public schools, state health departments, child protective services, or the CDC) are responsible for the health decisions they make on behalf of their children; and they need to be fully informed of their legal rights as well as the risk and benefits of any drug, treatment, or procedure. I'm not anti-vax per se but just anti-ignorance; and I applaud anyone who has made the decision to vaccinate and takes the time and effort to do it in such a careful way.

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