Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Welcome Conspirators

Greetings to those who are visiting this blawg from the link on The Volokh Conspiracy. You spiked my daily hit count from an average of about 5 a day to 53 yesterday and 14 so far today, a fact which matters to no one but me. I often joke that no one but my mother reads my blog, but I think even she has slacked off lately. But I am heartened by the words of Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds (in his review of Hugh Hewitt's book Blog): " the aggregate, the vast hordes of small blogs with a few dozen readers are more important than the small number of big blogs with hundreds of thousands of readers."

Anyhow, as the slogan says, it's more mommy than blawg, but I do try to include some legal content from time to time. Over on the right you will find a syndication feed link. Please come again!

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