Sunday, May 18, 2008

US Air Force Pays Record Settlement for Injured Baby

U.S. Air Force Pays Record Amount for Baby Injured in Government Hospital

What is the take-away here? That VBACs are dangerous? That VBACs shouldn't be augmented with Pitocin? Or something else?


Elizabeth said...

Perhaps that the VBAC+Pitocin combination requires an OB in attendance?

grass said...

Perhaps that midwifery care, while it is a fantastic option for low-risk birth, is not necessarily appropriate in a higher-risk situation such as a VBAC augmented with pitocin in the absence of a consult.

Or perhaps the message is that midwifery is an amazing option because the midwifery model of care is all about informing patients of risks and letting them make their own decisions. In this case that model of care appears to have been breached. Was there informed consent, with a review of all the risks that pitocin presents in a VBAC situation? Somehow I doubt it. There are good midwives and bad ones, just like in every profession.

The Mommy Blawger said...

It occurs to me that perhaps the legal answer to my question is different from the medical answer.

And also, that a CNM who augmented a VBAC with pit, and "repeatedly increased the dosage" is NOT practicing the midwifery model of care.

meridian said...

The more I read about Pitocin, the nastier I realize that it is. Especially in the hands of nurses and doctors just trying to "turn the table" and speed up delivery so they can get their next paying customer in the door. Why a nurse would increase the dosage of such a powerful drug without consulting a physician is beyond me.