Monday, August 27, 2007

Law School Moms

Hello, faithful readers. I've been out of town and then busy getting my 1st grader back-to-school. I'm working on a legal update of things that happened while I was gone.

I see that there is now a carnival of Moms In Law School. MILS #8 is posted at PT-LawMom. I'm a fan! Personally, law school was difficult enough. I can't imagine doing it and being pregnant or a mom to young children. But I see I have some more bloggers to add to my "Lawyer Moms" list.

Speaking of Carnivals, yours truly is hosting Blawg Review on International Midwives' Day which is, oh, sometime next spring. Last time I hosted, I used a reality-tv theme. If anyone has a great idea for a theme, let me know. Obviously I'm going to talk about the legal status of midwives in the US, but I'll also have quite a few legal posts (ok, most of them) that don't have anything to do with midwifery or childbirth. I just need an organizing scheme to tie everything together...


PT-LawMom said...

Thanks for the link, Mommy Blawger! I'm a fan of yours, too. I've had you in my Bloglines for a while now and really enjoy reading your posts on the various ways mothers deal with discrimination and harassment due to their child-rearing choices.

PunditMom said...

PT-Law Mom is great!