Saturday, January 20, 2007

Indiana Mom Still in Pain

An Indiana teen who was given an incorrect dose of painkiller in her epidural is still in pain three months later:
During childbirth on Oct. 8, Methodist officials said, Baise received the wrong dose of an epidural painkiller. In one hour, she got a dose that was supposed to be given over 10 to 12 hours. Initially, it left her unable to walk and with severely limited leg movement.
Lawsuit? You bettcha:
Attorney Nathaniel Lee, who represents the family, is seeking damages. He submitted a complaint on Oct. 20 to the Indiana Department of Insurance against the anesthesiologist, Dr. Gloria Lee, and Clarian Health Partners. The doctor did not return calls, and her attorney, Daniel Fagan, declined to comment.

In Indiana, patients must first go through a complaint process and wait for a ruling from a physicians panel before filing a malpractice lawsuit.

Bill Stephan, senior vice president for corporate communications at Clarian, said in October, "We believe human error entered into the equation."
No kidding.

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