Monday, October 09, 2006

Update: ACLU v. Toys "R" Us

From The Imperfect Parent, Toys "R" Us has issued an official response.

However, via the Gothamist, Tracy Connor of the New York Daily News tests the response of New Yorkers to nursing in public:
In the back of an aisle at [Toys "R" Us'] Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, store, I feed my child quietly for five minutes - until a worker spots me.

"Excuse me, ma'am," she bellows. "We have a room where you can do that."

I explain that I had checked out the "mother's room" and found the sofa dirty, but she's undeterred.

"It's not good in the open like this...for the other people who can see," she presses.

When I remind her that I can legally breast-feed wherever I want, she changes her tune. "I just think you would be more comfortable," she says. "If you're comfortable here, that's fine."

Moments later, another clerk sees us and says, "Oh Lord!" She scurries off, perhaps to speak to a manager, and I brace for a new confrontation. But when she returns it's with the offer of a chair to use in the aisle and when I refuse it, she leaves us in peace.
Best place in The City to NIP? The extrememly posh "Le Cirque":
General manager Benito Sevarin tells me I'm hardly the first woman to breast-feed over four-star cuisine.

"In fact, a few days ago we had a woman - a very famous woman, I won't tell you her name - nursing her baby," he says. "There's nothing wrong with it."
Quite fashionable all 'round.

(follow-up to: ACLU Goes After Toys "R" Us)

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