Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Midwives Get Hospital Privileges in Ontario

Ross Memorial in Ontario, Canada, has given delivery privileges to five midwives. Though the article doesn't specify, it is clear that these are direct-entry midwives, not CNMs:
Ms [Sam] Ball [administrator of Kawartha Community Midwives] says Ontario was the first province to regulate midwives and consider them part of the medical system. The services of a midwife have been covered by OHIP since 1994.
She says midwives are able to do clinical care and order blood work and ultrasounds.
There are more and more midwives coming into the system, says Ms Ball. Every year, 50 new midwives enter the field, she says. Despite the growing numbers, Kawartha Community Midwives have to turn about 40 women away.
I also learned that the College of Midwives of Ontario, which is solely responsible for regulating midwifery in that Provence, requires all registered midwives to attend both hospital and home deliveries. (pdf).

link: Midwives ready to deliver at Ross Memorial Hospital

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