Sunday, May 14, 2006

Midwifery Miscellaneous

Former Vermont midwife Roberta Devers-Scott has a new attorney for her state Supreme Court appeal - civil rights lawyer Michael Sussman. (link)

The Guardian (which "Covers Prince Edward Island Like the Dew") reports on an effort to regulate midwivery in that part of Canada (link). Some choice quotes:
The Birth Options Research Network (BORN) was established in 2003 by a handful of women to explore birthing options for women in Prince Edward Island.
Kerstin Martin, president of the Canadian Association of Midwives, is helping to draft midwifery legislation for Nova Scotia. Currently, the Yukon and all Atlantic provinces are the only jurisdictions in Canada that don’t have regulated midwifery.
BORN is also keen to meet with policy makers, politicians and hospital administration to continue to express the concerns of birthing women in P.E.I.

Martin, who has tended to more than 1,000 births, said there needs to be a perception of a need for midwifery to gain support in the province.

“This group BORN is certainly going to do everything it can with that,’’ she said.

“I think they need to really listen to the women of this Island and the communities. What are the women’s experiences of maternity care as it is delivered right now and look at whether women themselves want something different.

And, of course, women can’t ask for things that they don’t know about.’’
And sorry I haven't done a complete legislative roundup, but Missouri's bill to authorize/legislate direct-entry midwifery,HB 974, did not pass. (link).

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Anonymous said...

bI had a midwife for my second child and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I gave birth in a 'Childbirth Centre' in New Jersey, with a doctor on call and an ambulance right outside the door - just in case. There was also medical emergency equipment on hand. It was all very safe and the care I received during pregancy was more thorough than what I received from my gynecologists that I had for my first child.
Granted, there have been improvements, some wonderful improvements, in the hospital care given to mothers and their babies, since I gave birth over 20 years ago. However, I am disturbed by the overwhelmingly large number of labours (on PEI) that are induced. I am appalled that this practice is done so nonchalantly and wonder why women are so accepting of it.
Truly, they need to be shown a better way. That is not likely to happen as long as midwifery is not legislated, and thereby sanctioned (and funded) by the Government. Let's bring Prince Edward Island up to speed with most of the rest of North America.
Teresa Arsenault