Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Our Daily Sudoku

Sudoku puzzles seem to be all the rage right now. Our local paper has been printing them (easy on Monday, very hard on Friday), but we don't subscribe; my husband brought one home from work one day and I was hooked.

The website www.sudoku.com has a Sudoku program you can buy, but www.sudoku.com.au has four levels of free Sudoku puzzles a day, which you can play online or print off. Thank God for the Australians! First The Wiggles, now Sudoku. What will they think of next? Also www.sudoku.org.uk has daily puzzles, and what appears to be a Sudoku blog, although the entries are not dated so I'm not quite sure if that counts as a blog.

And speaking of blogs, a Google search turned up:
sudoku! sudoku!
Dan Rice's Sudoku Blog
Sudoku Blog
Sudoku Strategies


Sudoku Webring

Enjoy at your peril!


KristinW said...

Another good site is Fiendish Sudoku.

It has new puzzles every day at five difficulty levels. The puzzle layouts are hand-made, not the typical computer-random ones. It has a choice of three grid sizes (nice if you have a high-res display), and it can give hints and step-by-step solutions. It also has an archive and several printing options.

Worth a look!

- Kristin

The Mommy Blawger said...

Thank you, that's a great site! I also wanted to add the Wiki:


Reviewer said...

I'd recommend that this wonderful sudoku site at http://www.sudokudaily.net also be checked. Choose game difficulty, save the game you are on, and otherwise be helped along the way, this site lets you do all that very easily.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link to sudoku.com.au - glad you like it!

I have just finished a new site - Wordoku - which is a variation on sudoku, but using letters & a hidden word. Hope you like it!


Grilles de Sudoku said...

Play Sudoku for free : http://www.misterfast.com/grille-sudoku.html

Free Sudoku said...

I love Sudoku !

Saturyne said...

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Saturyne said...

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Anonymous said...

There is a great site at http://www.domo-sudoku.com You can print or play online sudoku puzzles and variations. Very good brain teasers there.