Monday, October 31, 2005

Carnival Roundup

I've been a bit tardy in linking to Blawg Review, et al. these past couple weeks. So bear with me...

Blawg Review #30, the Howell-o-ween edition, is up at Bag and Baggage. Denise Howell mentions yours truly not once, but twice.

Last week's Blawg Review (#29) was hosted by none other than the Blawg Review editors themselves, on the Blawg Review Homepage, who, in a blog carnival double header, also hosted Carnival of the Capitalists #107. Ed. writes:
Blawg Review was started by some lawyers who blog and others who have participated in Carnival of the Capitalists over the past two years. We owe a lot to Jay Solo and Rob May for the inspiration, and trailblazing the blog carnival concept for business professionals.

This is not the first Carnival of the Capitalists hosted by lawyers, and more have already signed on to host future editions.

Hosting Carnival of the Capitalists #107 and Blawg Review #29 together on the same weblog this week, we hope to introduce our law blog followers to the always informative and often entertaining CotC, and to introduce business blog readers to a good selection of blawgs, recommended reading for everyone interested in business, economics, law, and money quotes.
Grand Rounds Vol. 2 No. 4 was at Diabetes Mine - hosted by a patient blogger. Grand Rounds Vol. 2 No. 5 was at Hospital Impact . And look for tomorrow's Grand Rounds at Kidney Notes .

Can anyone recommend a good Mommy carnival?

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