Sunday, September 25, 2005

Update - Chandler, Arizona

The City of Chandler's Breastfeeding Task Force has met for the second time:
The sticking points among the seven appointees, and a vocal audience, centered around the city's inability to trump the state's indecent exposure statute and a business owner's right to ask its patrons to leave.
It's very interesting. As I reported in August, the City of Chandler initially passed an administrative directive which amounted to: "Mothers who breast-feed on Chandler city property must cover up, go to a private spot or leave if someone complains. Refuse and they could face criminal trespassing charges." Now, however, the Task Force is attempting to find a way around Arizona's indecency laws to ensure the right of public breastfeeding in their community.

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PrdMommyof3 said...

this makes my blood boil just reading it