Sunday, September 04, 2005

Missing New Orleans

TulipGirl posts a recipe for her Maw Maw's Pralines as well as links to some of her memories of New Orleans.

The website for Cafe Du Monde (making no mention of Katrina) says:
The Original Cafe Du Monde Coffee Stand was established in 1862 in the New Orleans French Market. The Cafe is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It closes only on Christmas Day and on the day an occasional Hurricane passes too close to New Orleans.
Sad thing is, my next reaction after "oh, those poor people who lost everything" (and before the horror of the lack of emergency relief was known) was "gee, I hope Cafe Du Monde is still standing." And all those historical buildings, too. I hear it's not under water. I haven't been to New Orleans in over ten years, and my husband has never been . Guess it will be a while before we go and, in a certain sense, you can never go back again. So maybe we'll just get us some beignet mix and some chicory coffee and call it good.

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