Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita

Just got back from the grocery store. Nothing unusual.

Until we got to the beverage aisle. The shelves were bare. My first thought was, "they're resetting the store again?" Then I realized I was looking at the bottled water section.

There were several cases of sports water and some of the fruit-flavored variety. But I am talking about a whole half-aisle of nothing.

The store was not unusually busy for 5:00 pm on a Friday. Across the street, there were no lines at the gas stations. Gas prices here are well below three dollars a gallon. Mind you, earlier this week it was predicted that Rita was heading right for Dallas as a Cat. 1 hurricane at most, more likely a tropical storm. At this point, however, we will be lucky to get an inch of rain, which we desperately need.

We are 300 miles from the coast. But we have no water.

Plenty of beer, though.

** Update 9/24/05 1:55 a.m. **
Apparently, everyone stopped at the gas station on their way home from work, because my husband just went to five gas stations before he found one with gas.

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