Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

The Truth Laid Bare has declared this Blog for Relief Weekend. So, just in case there's anyone out there who reads my blog and no other blogs, here are some links and some thoughts. If you donate, please go here to log your donation.

The Home School Foundation has set up a fund to help homeschoolers with emergency needs and curriculum replacment.

And since we are raising little cheeseheads, you might also consider the Brett Favre Fourward Foundation. Mr. Favre, a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, hails from Kiln, Mississippi, where his childhood home and a great deal of the town was destroyed. His wife and family are fine, though.

The American Bar Association has set up a Katrina relief page. They are not accepting donations directly, but they are soliciting volunteer legal and professional services, and providing referals for persons needing legal help.

On a related note: while the 5th circuit webpage is up, I have not been able to pull up cases and the website is really buggy. Don't send them anything by mail, by the way.

News links. For first-hand updates on the situation, check out, MetroBlogging New Orleans, The Interdicter, and Ernie the Attorney, who rode out the hurricane in New Orleans but managed to get out. There are others, try Instapundit for lots of links.

Christine Hurt of The Conglomerate asks, "Where's Fred?" Fred Smith, that is.
Mr. Smith, no one seems to be able to figure out the logistics of moving supplies and people quickly, safely, and efficiently. Your company, FedEx, does this every day at lightning speed. You invented the concept of branding, and guarantee you that if CNN showed fleets of FedEx trucks and planes in New Orleans, that your social responsibility efforts would be applauded by shareholders and customers alike. I personally pledge to use FedEx exclusively for the rest of my life if you will get down there and do something.
I will tell you, FedEx can get supplies to the nearest airport, and by truck as far as there are roads, but they don't have boats, helicopters, or armed security. They are also asking employees from the affected areas to call in.


Anselm's Apprentice said...

Thank you for your link to the Home School Foundation. God bless you! We're going to be opening up homes very shortly for displaced families...

The Mommy Blawger said...

Here's another great article re: FedEx:
For FedEx, it was time to deliver,15114,1105979-1,00.html