Sunday, April 24, 2005

My Three Pennies Worth

Molly of My Three Pennies Worth (who is pregnant with #5), reflects on the second time she gave birth and what a great difference that practicing relaxation (rather than just reading about it) made in comparison to her first birth:
As I lay back and felt the familiar pain tightening its scissor-like grip around my body, I remember worrying, "What if this doesn't work and it's hurts just like last time?" But then I calmly answered, "It might--it might not...but what have you got to lose by trying?" And with that, I submitted to what my body was doing and laid back into the warm water, easily becoming limp and breathing deeply.

The next contraction came like a strong wave, the most intense by far...but without an ounce of pain.

For the next hour I sat in that tub and had the most incredible experience of my life! Incredibly strong contractions flowed over me, only 30-60 seconds apart, but without a trace of the agonizing ripping PAIN that had characterized my last labor experience. This time I was feeling my body opening up, allowing a baby to come forth, and it was as if I was "seeing" it all happen inside of myself--like watching a flower slowly opening to the morning sun. Each contraction was strong, powerful, intense...but beautiful, not painful. Not painful at all.

Beautifully said, Molly. May all our births be like that one.

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molly said...

Hey, I just saw this. :o) Thanks! (your blog is really cool, btw!).