Saturday, April 16, 2005

Midwifery Legislative Update - Preview

Well, faithful readers, although I promised a Midwifery Legislative Update this week, I'm going to put it off until next week. For one thing, it has turned out to be a bigger task than I originally anticipated, and I want to do it justice. Also, we are going on vacation next week to Branson, Missouri, and I think I had better get some sleep before heading out on a 7 or 8 hour road trip with a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. Here's my previous Travelogue from Branson.

I may not be able to blog until I get back, but until then here's a preview:

Texas' House Bill 1535, the Midwifery Board Sunset legislation, now goes before the House and will be voted on in the next two weeks. In addition to renewing the Midwifery Board (and, by implication, direct-entry midwifery in the state of Texas), the bill would also change the composition of the board to create a majority of licensed midwives and change the designation "documented midwife" to "licenced midwife" which would be consistent with the statutory definitions of those terms.

Link: Association of Texas Midwives' Legislative Info

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