Sunday, December 05, 2004

Blog Stuff

Merriam-Webster's says "blog" is the number one word of 2004.

Babies and Celebrities. What could be better. It's the Celebrity Baby Blog. Now, are they going to tell us the things that those of us in the Natural Childbirth/Natural Parenting community really want to know? Who went natural? Who's too posh to push? Who had a homebirth? Who's breastfeeding? Who's going to go on some talk show wearing the baby in a sling? The stuff of much speculation.

I enjoying reading One Sixteenth. Other than the fact that the author is Pagan and I am Christian (o.k., not a small difference, I realize) we are very much alike. She even lives in Texas. The title of "One Sixteenth" is explained by her tag line, "each pregnancy robs you of half your mental capacity". Ha! She recently wrote a nice piece about Classical Education. And she seems to be navigating the decisions, as are we, of just how to celebrate the holidays, which holidays to celebrate, how to infuse them with meaning, and so forth.

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