Wednesday, June 23, 2004

TRAVELOGUE: Florida Day 3

Today we head to Old Town, a fun shopping area with rides.  It is technically in Kissimmee, but is closer to Disney, and quite a drive from our hotel.  After some shopping, the Big Champ rides the merry-go-round with Kelley and the Tea Cups with me, and surprises me by not being frightened by the cups going up and down and spinning around.  By the end of the ride, we are both ready for it to be over.  LC enjoys hanging out in his new stroller.   Afterwards, we have some lunch and are ready to call it a day.  We drive through Kissimmee but are not impressed, so don't stop.

We finally make it to the pool in the afternoon.  For dinner we head to Pointe Orlando which is an outdoor mall on International Drive.  International Drive is surreal and has an amusement-park feel to it.  We park near WonderWorks  the facade of which is an upside-down building.  They have speakers with a recording of creaking noises as you walk by.  At Pointe Orlando, we stop by a stand where you can have your picture taken with a parrot, and the lady puts the parrot on BC's arm which delights him.  We don't pay for a photo, though.  We pick the cafe at XS Orlando which has decent food but not so great service.  For the most part, the service at just about every restaurant we visit in Orlando is slow, slow, slow.  Even in the middle of the week.

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