Tuesday, September 02, 2003


I am making this entry from the public library in Monticello, Iowa (pop. 3,678). When we were here in July, there was only a single public access terminal with dial-up internet connection. Now there are four brand-spanking new computers with high-speed access. We are here in Monticello visiting the in-laws (a/k/a my children's grandparents).

My older son (2 1/2) has been in love with tractors ever since our July visit. In Monticello alone, there are 3 tractor dealerships - New Holland, John Deere, and Case/International Harvester. Not to mention various farming implements along the highway being used for farming purposes (unlike in Texas, where little actual farming is done). In my son's mind (and 2-year-old vocabulary), every piece of heavy equipment is now either a "tractor", a "combine", or a "bulldozer".

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