Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Kate Langbroek, An Australian talk show host, breastfed her newborn son live on her program "The Panel." Read "Australian breastfeeds live on TV".

Real Simple magazine, which I wrote about in the August 25, 2003 blawg entry, did not print any of the many letters it received about it's "time saving" tip not to breastfeed, but did post a very small selection on it's website. Read them here. I wrote them but have not yet received a response.

Mommies Esq1 of Mommies at Law (Sept. 10, 2003) wonders: "I was intrigued by the idea that breastmilk has over 300 'ingredients' and most baby formulas contain only about 40. I'm curious to know what the components of breastmilk really are." She doesn’t get a satisfactory answer to her question, but posts some good links she found on her search.

One ingredient I know for sure is in breastmilk but not formula: caffeine. You wouldn't think an 8-month old baby would be so sensitive to the stuff, but I cut out my morning cup of tea, and all I can say is: HE NAPS!

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