Monday, December 05, 2005

Virginia Midwifery

The State of Virginia has legalized direct-entry midwifery, and will start licensing DEMs this month. A big round of applause to the dedicated midwifery supporters in Virginia and elsewhere who made this possible.

Here's a news article, which I'm going to pick at a little, if you will bear with me:
State regulations being put in place this month will license certified professional midwives, letting dozens of homespun obstetricians come out of the closet.
Homespun obstetricians? Nothing could be further from the truth. The author clearly is oblivious to the difference between the obstetrical and midwifery models of care.
To [Midwives], midwifery is an almost mystical art. To the medical establishment, it's a threat.
A mystical art? Most midwives I know are quite grounded in evidence-based care. Art, yes. Mystical, no. What are they smoking over there in Virginia?

As far as being a threat, sure, in terms of giving women a choice. But in a state - such as Texas - where midwifery has been perfectly legal for quite some time, the homebirth rate is still so low that doctors are just not feeling the competition in their pocket-books. At all. Any OBs out there loosing business because of midwives? Let me know.
"Seeing 10 deliveries in no way prepares a person to do something that impacts two lives," said Richmond-area obstetrician John Partridge, who opposed the licensing laws. "There will be people injured--mothers who will be injured and babies who will die."
Ten deliveries? I think NARM requires 40, 20 as primary. Ten observations hardly qualifies you to assist. And yes, mothers will be injured and babies will die, but that happens at OB-attended hospital births, too. Statistically there is no difference. Oh, except that CPMs have fewer complications.

Congratulations, Virginia!


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Oh. My.

My mouth is still gaping open in astonishment. Who lets these people write news stories?

The Mommy Blawger said...

And I didn't even mention that the sidebar for that article and another subsequent article refered to "Ina May Gaskins"

The Mommy Blawger said...

Oh, my mistake. The above comment was actually in reference to the post on Iowa Midwifery