Friday, June 17, 2005

Travel Notes

My poor, neglected Mommy Blawg. By way of an excuse, I only get an hour of computer time a day.

I'm here at the Monticello, Iowa Public Library which I have blogged about here and here. My dear, sweet husband drove the 15 hours from Texas to Iowa last weekend so that I could escape the Dallas heat and have some help with the kids. I'm still fighting the so-called morning sickness, but at least I'm not quite so depressed while doing it. Out back of my in-laws house there is a field planted, in alternate years, with corn or soy beans (Round-up Ready, as I've been told). This year it's soy. There used to be a picturesque barn and silo on the hill, but it started to fall down and was bulldozed a couple years ago. Still a nice view. Today is the first day since we arrived that the temperature has been over 80 degrees. Nice.

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