Monday, May 02, 2005

Blawg Reviews & Midwifery Updates

I have decided that it would be best to wait until most state legislatures have finished their sessions before publishing the Midwifery Legislative Update, and give a final status report. If you are following the Texas Midwifery Board Sunset legislation (HB 1535), you can get updates here:
ATM Legislative Updates

Blawg Review #4 is up at Law & Entrepreneurship News. I especially liked Conglomerate Blog's Are Law Schools Family Friendly? and Jeremy's Weblog in which the Harvard 3L realizes he doesn't know any law. Join the club, Jeremy. I also liked this quote, since I am interested in the similarities and differences between doctors and lawyers, "It all makes me start to wonder about doctors. Now that I know what we know after law school, I have to ask – how much medicine do doctors know after medical school? ... Then again, they’re dealing with life and death. We’re only dealing with freedom and justice. So who cares?"

And since we were out of town last week, I neglected to blog Blawg Review #3 at Appellate Law & Practice. So there you go.

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