Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bloggers IRL (in real life)

Just got a brochure in the mail for the ABA TechShow in Chicago. A panel discussion called "Meet the Bloggers" will be moderated by Rick Klau, Sabrina Pacifici, and Ernie "the Attorney" Svenson; and will feature "the chance to see actual blogging performed right before your very eyes!". Inter Alia's Tom Mighell (a fellow Texan) will be speaking several times, including moderating a panel on RSS feeds along with Dennis Kennedy. Doubtless the faculty includes some other blawgers whose names I don't recognize. Ok, enough with the gratuitous name dropping...

Plans are underway for GodBlogCon 2005 set for October. Organized by Dr. Andrew Jackson and promoted by Hugh Hewitt, the conference will feature workshops such as "Christian Political Blogging", "Christian Homeschool Blogging", and "Video Blogging (Vlogging)". The conference even has its own prayer blog. Marla Swoffer, a/k/a The Proverbial Wife is keeping readers updated on the plans as they unfold and has secured the rights to Billed as "the Christian Blogosphere Convention", critics have pointed out that the conference is not for those who blog about God, but more narrowly a conference of Christian bloggers, thereby excluding Jews, Muslims, and Mormons (though Catholics and Orthodox Christians are welcome; it's not merely an Evangelical Protestant event).

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