Monday, December 06, 2004

The Men's Room

My husband had the night off work, so I left the boys with him and went to a party (an Arbonne home party, if you must know). He had to run some errands. Little Champion had a poopy diaper in the car, so when they got where they were going it became necessary to change it. You guessed it, no changing table in the men's room. He ended up changing him standing up on the bathroom counter. Quite a feat; I don't think I could do that even with a merely wet diaper.

Anyway, the incident reminded me of something I planned to blog. Daddy Types has a list of New York City Men's Room Changing Tables. Plus some comments on where the little ones ended up getting changed when there was no changing table in the men's room.

So I'm naturally picturing all these men running around NYC with babies and no mommies, desperately looking for a place to change a diaper. But of course, when we had our first baby, my husband informed me, "you're in charge of input; I'm in charge of output." So while I do more than my share of diaper changing while at home, when we're out in public, he's the man. So to speak.

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