Saturday, November 06, 2004

Saturday Library Trip - 11/06/04

Today I'm starting a new weekly feature. Perhaps it's a meme [what's a meme? note to self - research memes]. Anyhow, every Saturday I take the boys to the library. Each week I will blog what we checked out. It's kind of like bloggers who tell you what they are reading, except mine will also include what my husband is reading, what videos my kids are watching, and the books I thought looked interesting and later decided weren't, or didn't have time to read.

This week's selection:
  • Book: Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons by Siegfried Engelmann
  • Book: Dora's Backpack by Sarah Willson
  • Video: Pets in a Pickle, Bob the Builder
  • Video: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  • Video: Building Skyscrapers, David Alpert Associates
So what did you check out this week?

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