Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Congratulations to Mariel Zagunis and Sada Jacobson who won Gold and Bronze medals, respectively, in the Women's Sabre event. "Tonight is the greatest night in the history of American fencing" said coach Arkady Burdan.

This story has not been getting nearly enough press as it should. Zagunis' win represents the first US gold medal in any fencing event in the last 100 years. Olympic medals of any color are rare. In 1984, Peter Westbrook won the bronze for men's sabre at the boycotted Los Angeles Games.

Although women have been fencing in the Olympics since 1924, this is the first year for the Women's Sabre event. In fact, there was not even a world championship in women’s saber until 1999.

Zagunis ends 100-year U.S. famine,
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